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Claire Carraway

Sensuous Francophone Courtesan




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Simplicity has her pleasures. No games, no gimmicks, Simply Claire. For the discerning gentleman who knows what he wants and enjoys a casual elegance that pampers and seduces, but resists extravagance for extravagance's sake.

I know where the extra effort should go, and that is you. If you have a need to feel cared for in the full embrace of a woman who knows how to help you let go of the day, then you'll discover the joy of simplicity. If you have had opportunities where the bells and whistles of another provider didn't go as far as promised, then you'll discover the range of possibilities with me.

We all have that part of us where concupiscence's a place we don't always share with those closest to us. It can be wild and untamed, it can be full of energy or swelling passion, it can be accessed quickly or sometimes it needs an experienced courtesan to liberate it.


You'll find me ready for you and I'll make sure you're ready for me...nothing will be left to the imagination and our time together will be simply magical.


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