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Please make sure to read my Etiquette Section before completing the form. I will gladly answer your questions.

You may email me directly at
Before we discuss any anything at all, I need you to provide me with the requested information below. I always advertise a week in advance that I am coming to your city so pre-screening is absolutely necessary. While I’m visiting your city I want to enjoy my time with you and not have to worry about having to confirm and check references, which makes same-day appointments and last minute appointments possible if you have already been verified.

Important !!!
Provide me with the provider's contact information MEANING their WEBSITES or EMAIL address.  Please DO NOT send me their phone numbers I do not accept phone numbers, also please do not send me just their name. 

Schedule Your Rendez-Vous

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Rendez-Vous Form

Reference Verification:

Provide the website link of two or more reputable entertainers that you have met with no longer than six months ago. 


Are you the 'New Kid' on the block? No problem! If you're new to this & are seeking some direction, look no further! I warmly welcome newcomers via a quick & discreet work verification process. I will need the following two from you:

I.  Not optional >> Please provide An Unobstructed Photo of your Drivers License <<



II.  Work email/credentials 

A-  If your photo of you, first & last name, title & contact information are listed on a company website, please send a direct link to that page.

                                                                              - OR -

B- If you are in the business of real estate, medical, educational or legal & are registered with your state, you may point me to the correlating registration information online​​.

Otherwise, you may send a covert email from your work email (i.e. to my unlisted burner email. Your work email will be promptly deleted & is never replied to.​

Thanks for submitting!

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